Friday, May 30, 2014

NYX Butter Glosses ♥

I've heard so many people rave about these NYX Butter Glosses. I love lip products, but to be honest it is really hard to find a good lipstick or lip gloss that won't dry out my lips. I have very sensitive lips. I decided to give these a shot since ULTA was having a bogo sale on NYX and they finally had every color in stock so there were so many shades to choose from. I decided to go for the ones I thought were the most popular. I picked out Creme Brulee and Red Velvet. These retail for $4.99 at my ULTA.
I was seriously impressed by these. If your not a fan of glossy lips then this might not be for you. I don't mind it because I honestly feel like it hydrates my lips a lot better than a matte lip product.
These do a wonderful job at keeping my lips hydrated and as you can tell the pigmentation in these glosses is so good!!
Creme Brulee is a pretty nude color. The natural pigmentation of my lips is a dark rose color and this does a great job of covering that up.

Red Velvet is a beautiful dark red. I know this will be my go to especially when going out at night. I am obsessed with this color!

I am really happy with these Butter Glosses and I can't wait to try out a couple more. Have you tried any? What shades would you recommend I try? ♥

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  1. They look great on you! I'll definitely check out the nude color, it looks gorgeous :)