Monday, March 31, 2014

My Latest Favorite Clothing Purchases

Hello! My name is Raquel and I am a shopaholic. I have been shopping so much lately. It sort of getting out of control, but I am cutting back a lot. I am trying to keep as busy as possible so that I have no time to go to stores or do any online shopping. I know that the online shopping part will be the hardest lol. Since I've been shopping so much I wanted to share just a couple of my favorite recently purchased items. These are the most basic and casual items, but I love them. I've been wearing them so much. I love basic pieces that will still allow me to look put together.
  1. Jeans: These are from H&M. I have NEVER owned any jeans from this store, but I really love these! They are really soft an only $19.95. These are the Super Skinny Super Low fit. The fit is great, but they do fit loose from my knee down. That's okay because I like wearing them rolled up, they almost give the boyfriend jean look without looking like I'm drowning in them.
  2. Cardigan: This is from Forever 21. I had to get it immediately after hearing about it. This cardigan is very similar to the Brandy Melville Moselle Cardigan, but it was not $78. I paid $22.80 instead. SERIOUSLY an AMAZING DEAL!! I was so happy! Unfortunately this is no longer available online, but I have seen it in stores and it also comes in taupe. 
  3. Sandals: I've been looking for cute sandals for spring/summer and I always find a pair I like at Target. They are comfy and come in so many different colors.
I hope you enjoyed my haul. I am hopping to do some fun things next week since it's Spring Break. I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures :)


  1. Love that cozy cardigan, super chic outfit! Happy April!

  2. I LOVE that sweater too. I wonder if I can still pick one up at the store nearby. I too am a shopaholic. I loooovvvvee shopping way too much.