Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sweet Treat ♥

I am an ice cream lover! I'm a happy girl any chance I get to have ice cream. My boyfriend and I went to this cute little Dessert place called Treat Tea & Ice, in Torrance California. I love this place because they sell dole whip!! If you don't know what that is then you must be living under a rock because it's the most AMAZING WONDERFUL THING EVER! It's pretty much Dole Pineapple ice cream and the only other place I've had it at was Disneyland. This time I decided to skip the Dole Whip and get Red Velvet Waffles with Vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate syrup. It was so delicious, but we definitely need a tall glass of water lol.


  1. That looks delicious! It's 12:00 PM here where I live and now I want an ice cream. :)

  2. That looks amazinggggg! I wish we had such gorgeous place like Treat Tea & Ice!!!
    Lovely blog - i am now following :)
    Collette xxx