Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 2013 Ipsy Bag

I was really excited about this months Ipsy bag because everyone got 6 products in their bag instead of the usual 5 items. Ipsy was also including one em Cosmetics product inside each bag. Everyone gets something different. I literally opened the bag as I was taking the pictures this time so everything was a surprise to me. I also didn't peak on my Ipsy profile to see what I got in my bag. 

This month we got a gold clutch. It would be great for the holiday season or for holiday parties. You can also just use it as a makeup bag for some glam inside your purse!

I was really hoping to get the Glam Glow, but as you can see I didn't.

I'm not so disappointed. Here's what I got:

  1. em Cosmetics Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in Cupcake Pink
  2. Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless 
  3. Nailtini nail lacquer in Caviar Cocktail
  4. HSI Professional Argan oil
  5. Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched
  6. Starlooks Gem Pencil in Amethyst
The em lipstick is in a really light pink color. It is not a color I would really wear since I don't think it would flatter my skin tone. I might give this to my mom or to a friend. The lipstick was actually melting since it was hot today and it the package was baking in my metal mail box lol.

This lip crayon has some shimmer in it which I'm not a fan of shimmer in lip products because they tend to accentuate dry lips or cracks. I do however like the color. I have naturally darker lips and this color is somewhat of a "my lips but better" color for me....with an added rosey look. I really like it and it isn't drying at all!

Overall I am happy with this months bag. I love using Argan oil in my hair. I've actually loved every hair oil treatment I've gotten in my Ipsy bags in the past.

What did you get in your Ipsy bag?


  1. i also give away some items that i didnt like from a subscription box i got to my close friends ^^ too bad you didnt like the shade was wondering if michelle phan's cosmetics are good :)

  2. You got some really cute products and the bag is adorable!!
    It's too bad the lip color isn't for you, but I agree with you about shimmer drying out lips! I love glitter, but my lips just are always too dry to wear it!

  3. I loved this months bag! We got very similar products and but I love the EM lipstick you got!