Monday, November 18, 2013

Forever 21 & American Eagle Haul

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a quick haul and also share the links for the stuff I got. I just had a random shopping itch I needed to scratch lol so I went shopping. I'm not gonna go in a lot of detail with showing the clothes because I do want to use them for some outfit posts. The stuff in the Aerie bag is actually from American Eagle, but since I bought a bra on the Aerie side of the store, they just put everything in that bag.

As you can see most of what I got is within the same colors. I just can't get away from the greys, black, and browns/creams. I just love wearing these kinds of colors for the Fall and Winter months.

I really wanted a new neutral colored cardigan this season, because I wore the one I had for the past two years to death! I didn't get rid of it I just wanted to have another option. This one is really warm and soft. It's sort of like a fuzzy blanket with pockets (bottom right). I love it! I got the Taupe color Cozy Marled Open-Front Cardigan
I also picked up two other sweater in Taupe and Black. The Taupe I picked up in store, but the black is from online. I got them because they were nice and a loose fit. great for wearing with leggings which is what I wanted. They were also only $10.80...what a steal!! My only complaint is that when I received the black one and opened the bag it came in, the sweater smelled really bad!! I don't know if it was just mine. Favorite Cozy Sweater
The floral socks I got because I needed to make my order $50 for free shipping and I was really close. I needed another pair and these are really cute! I love Forever 21 socks and they were only $1.50 Garden Chic Ankle socks
I wanted to pick up a new pair of faux leather leggings because I really love the other pair I have from F21. I found some for the same price, but with a knit panels. I got xs, but they do fit me a little tight in the thigh area. Edgy Paneled Leggings
I got 3 things from American Eagle. The first is just a basic pair for white jeggings. They fit great and I haven't had white pants since I was 13.
 I also got a dark green button down because I don't have anything that color and a basic grey dolman top.

Okay no more shopping for me....we'll so how long that lasts.

Happy Shopping! ;)

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  1. So cute, I love all the sweaters they're my favorite winter clothes