Monday, August 26, 2013

New Obsession: Rebecca Minkoff Swing

I absolutely love Rebecca Minkoff Handbags. I love how nice and simple they are and they also don't have a huge logo slapped all over them. I already own two of her purses and I've had my eyes set on another one for quite some time now. Rebecca Minkoff recently had a summer sale online and I just had to take a look to see if the Swing Purse that I have been eyeing (seen in my Pinterest post) for so long, was part of the sale. Sadly it wasn't. I wanted the Swing in the Almond color, but then I saw the Swing purse in the Mint color and the Sea Green color. I immediately fell in love with them both, but I had to make a decision to get one...there was no waayyyy I could afford to get two. I went for the Sea Green because I do not own a bright purse like this and it is one of my favorite colors. I am in love with how the gold hardware looks with the Sea Green leather. It is pretty close to a Tiffany blue color. There are 7 compartments inside and 1  zipper pocket on the outside right under the flap. It also has the black and white limited edition interior along with the dust bag.

I got a pretty good deal on it. The original price of the Swings are $330, but I got it on sale for $195 not including tax and shipping cost. It is the same price of what a Mini Mac originally goes for so I think I scored a good deal!
I was so excited when it arrived because it looks way better in person...she is such a beautiful addition to my RM family. :)


  1. this is gorgeous! i picked up a similar color over the shoulder back but obviously I wish I could afford this one!

  2. Wow i love this bag!!! Is very gorgeous!!!!!

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    Have a nice day :-D

    Lina D.

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