Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travel Diary: Chicago Part 1

I am back from my trip to Chicago! To be honest I did not think I would come back falling in love with the city, but I did ♥. It was more than I expected it to be and the snow was the cherry on top of the icing. I went right as a winter storm was hitting which was unexpected. Our flight was delayed twice, but we finally landed safely in Chicago. Getting off the plane was almost like you got slapped in the face with a huge ice was so cold it hurt! People in Chicago were calling the freezing weather Chiberia lol.
I'm from sunny and warm Southern California so when I got to the 9 degree weather in Chicago, looking cute in the cold went out the window! Layering was key, so unfortunately there aren't many outfit pictures because for the most part I looked like an Eskimo. We were in Chicago for 3 full days.

Day 1: We had breakfast at the hotel which had a complementary breakfast buffet for the guests and there was so much to choose from. Then we got ready to explore the city.

 My outfit consisted of leggings under my jeans, boots, leg warmers, a thermal and a scarf. I also threw on a flannel and a jacket on top of this. The weather outside was no joke!

The city was beautiful and filled with historic architectural buildings. We did a lot of walking which wasn't too bad because we were staying near everything we wanted to visit.We walked to Magnificent Mile which was where there were tons of shops and places to dine all along North Michigan ave. You can spend a whole day looking at all the stores here. You could find anything from Forever 21 to Cartier.

After quickly exploring we decided to walk to our much anticipated lunch spot for the day...Lou Malnati's which we heard had amazing Chicago style deep dish pizza! I went with the basic and got the cheese deep dish pizza.

It was seriously the most amazing pizza I have ever had! The crust was so nice and crispy and the mozzarella was perfect! I was in Pizza heaven!!!
After lunch we decided to walk back to Magnificent mile and check out more of the stores.

 Until it got dark and started getting really windy and the temperature was about to hit 0 degrees. There had been tons of snow on the ground from the 2 days before, but we didn't get to experience snow fall which was something we were looking forward to. We decided to hurry and walk back to our hotel before we got frostbite!

We got to our hotel and realized it was happy hour...OH YEAH did I mention our hotel also had a complementary happy hour every night!? It included a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with a snack bar. My boyfriend and I were having a ball lol!

After happy hour we decided to stay in and be warm and order food (more deep dish pizza lol) while we planned our adventure for the next two days.

To be continued...

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