Thursday, February 20, 2014

Camera Bag

I've had my Canon T3i since November last year and I hadn't gotten a proper camera bag for it. I was on the hunt for something that did not look like a regular camera bag because they aren't as nice looking to carry around plus something like this purse is more lowkey. I had someone I liked on my Pinterest. My dad surprised me with this one which was one of the bags I happened to pin. I love how casual it is. It has a foam insert which can be removable if you wanted. It also has a few extra pockets.

I also get a 50mm lens recently....I am obsessed with this little baby. The quality of pictures look so much better instead of using my kit lens.


  1. I also got 50mm lens for christmas and i'm lovin it! Your camera bag is chic :)

    Picture Me

  2. Beautiful bag and is a perfect stylish solution for a girl who's always on the run with her camera;)