Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Current Beauty Favorites #2

Hello loves! It's already January 8th which means there are two more days until the 1 year anniversary of my blog and it's also my birthday month! :) It's been about 4 months since my first current favorites post and I thought it I was due for an updated post. I still love the products from the first post, but I wanted to share 6 new products with you.

1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: I was not using this primer for a while. I was sticking to my e.l.f. eyeshadow primer which was working pretty good for a while, but then I noticed it wasn't long lasting and it would make my eye shadow crease after a few hours of wear. I decided to use this mini UDPP again and I love it! It keeps my eyeshadow looking good for hours and no creasing! :)

2. Sephora MicroSmooth Baked eyeshadow Trio in Sunset: I got this during Christmas time about a year ago and I just now rediscovered it. It has a beige shimmer shade, light pink and a bronzey brown shade. The trio makes a great smokey eye look, but for everyday I almost always use the shimmery pink color. I would of never thought to use pink eyeshadow. It is almost like a light rose gold and it is so pretty for just a wash of color to wear in the day time. It works great with the UDPP. I love it!

3. Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara: I LOVE LOVE LOOOVEE this mascara. I'm on my second tube. It makes my lashes look long and full. I don't have extremely short lashes, but they aren't the longest either. This mascara does wonders for them...sometimes people ask me if I'm wearing false lashes lol.

4. The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream: I showed this in my previous post. I've been using it since December and right away I could see a difference in my skin. My skin was dry and had flaky patches because of the crazy weather. When I started using this night cream my skin looked more moisturized and did not feel dry. I even think it helped reduce my breakouts. I will repurchase this again.

5. Vitamin E Eye Cream: Just like the night cream, I could see a difference in my eye area looking and feeling less dry, it also had to do with the fact that I wasn't wearing eye cream for months.

6. Ti STYLE Tangle Tamer: I'm sure you were probably wondering what the weird neon pink egg shaped thing was. Well it's this amazing brush/comb that helps get all the tangles out of your hair! It works really good. I have really long hair and it can get pretty tangled especially after a shower. This thing gets all my tangles out and it doesn't hurt. It also doesn't take ages like a comb does. I got mine at Marshall's for under $10.


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    1. The mascara is really good! I would recommend trying it. :)

  2. the eyeshadows looks great!

  3. Happy Anniversary to your blog. (sorry for being a bit late). I LOVE the body shop so much! That aloe cream looks very nice and I have the vitamin e eye cream myself. I have found that cream to be very nice in moisturizing my eyes hehe.
    To answer your question about luuux on my blog- (
    Too be honest, I liked it before a bit more because there was more interaction (because that was how you made luuux) and I feel that the awards were easier to get back then. However, I like the idea of giftcards as an award a lot more.
    HOWEVER, the new site also has it's positives. The earning seems very simple.. and I can tell that luuux is doing it's best to give people what they want . They always answer questions posted and are constantly trying to make the site better based on what people want. I see luuux heading towards a really nice future! =)
    You should check the site out again and see if you like it. It's different but I do like it a lot.

    1. LOL Thank you! <3 Luuux seems way different now that I just looked at the site. I'll think about returning :)

  4. I love the natural colours of the eye shadow! great post :)