Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ombre Bikini

Hi everyone! I hope you al are having a lovely weekend. This post is going up a little late, but I still wanted to share it. As you might already know, I am a nail polish lover and I probably do my nails 2-3 times a week. I've been doing the same solid color nails for a few weeks so I wanted to get back into doing a little nail art or at least something a little less on the plain side. Ombre nails are one of my favorite things to do when I want to switch it up. I love mixing different colors together to get a cool effect. This time I went for neon coral and a nude pink look.

Please excuse my cuticles, they've been looking a bit dry. Does anyone know some good tips to fix that?

The colors I used for this look were :

  • Wet n Wild Megalast nail polish in Sugar Coat for the base color
  • Essie A Crewed Interest 
  • Julie G Bikini

I was really happy with the turn out and it was really simple to do. If anyone is interested on how I do Ombre nails, I can do a how-to post on it! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so good at making the ombre effect! I've tried it before and it never turns out looking this nice. I would love to hear your tips on how to do it! :)

  2. super cute! and you blended the colors so well!