Monday, December 15, 2014

Life Update: Traveling

I've always loved the idea of traveling. I have a long list of places I would love to visit. I've only been to a couple of places, one of the recent places was Las Vegas. I've never really gone anywhere else in the U.S. After always talking about traveling, my boyfriend and I just decided it was time to just do it! He thought of a places and I was totally for it! A week later we got our plane tickets and now we're going to Chicago in January!!! I have not done something this spontaneous in a long time. It still doesn't feel real lol. I can't believe were actually doing it! :) 

I'm a west coast girl from L.A. and we don't really get Fall and Winter in Los Angeles. The coldest it gets here is probably 50 degrees and that's pushing it! We hardly get rain and never get snow. Now that I'm going to the midwest in probably the coldest season of the year I'm going crazy trying to figure out what to pack! The weather in Chicago in January can go anywhere from the low 30's to negative and snowing. 

If anyone is from Chicago or any place that experiences winter, please let me know what I should pack. If you've visited, I would love suggestions on any cool places we should visit and eat while we're in the windy city.

I'm so excited for our trip! ♥


  1. Nice! :)

  2. Oh my Chicago in January is going to be cold (but beautiful). Make sure you make a very warm coat, sweaters, gloves, beanie, earmuffs, and boots!