Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Real Techniques Brushes

Hi everyone! I've heard so many things about Real Techniques brushes and I never really thought about trying them even though so many people rave about how amazing these brushes are. I already have a ton of brushes so why buy more right? Well I happened to be at ULTA one day and decided to pick up a new blush brush since I wanted to try a new one. I finally decided it was time to try a couple of these highly raved about brushes. I was so happy when I touched the brushes and felt how soft they were. The price of them are very affordable, I knew right away the quality felt amazing and I was going to love them.

Just like all the brushes I buy, I washed these before I used them to apply my makeup. Once they were dry the shape of the brushes did not change and they were still just as soft before washing them.

The brushes are very full and dense, not flimsy at all.

The Expert Face brush ($8.99) is perfect for applying liquid foundation. It is very dense, but the synthetic bristles are not abrasive on the skin. It also has a rounded top instead of the flat top foundation brush I used before. Its not very big so it makes it easy to get into areas such as around the nose and eyes. It has quickly replaced my old favorite flat top foundation brush.

The Blush Brush ($8.99) I love because I have never owned a blush brush like it. It has a dome shape and although it is a little on the bigger side, I still think the point on the tip of the brush is great for the apples of the cheek or even contour. It blends amazingly.

The Powder Brush ($9.99) is BIG, full and extremely soft. I love how easily I can pat on powder with the brush because it is so full and it covers a lot of ground fast because it's so huge!

I am in love with these brushes they have become the brushes that I use every time I wear makeup. I have recommended them to everyone! You can buy them at Ulta and I've even seen them at Rite Aid stores recently. I would love to hear your recommendations on what other Real Techniques brushes you think I should try. :)

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