Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fashion Haul! Forever 21 & Nordstrom

Hi guys! Sorry I've been kind of M.I.A. for a little, but I am back with a clothing haul! I purchased this stuff during the past week and I have been really loving everything! I've sort of stepped out of my comfort zone with clothes.

First I had to go to Forever 21 since I have not been in a while and they have tons of new spring items! I also wanted to pick up a few things I had my eyes on for a while.

I got this Graphic Tee that says Haute Nights. I had seen it online back in February and I liked it, but recently decided to get it. I don't have very many graphic tees in my wardrobe since I'm not really allowed to wear them to work. The material of this shirt is light weight and SUPER soft! It can also be worn with leggings since it's long enough to cover your front and back I can see this being dressed up or down.

Next was a basic black and white striped top. I think a striped navy/black and white should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe...stripes are in this spring! 

This skirt was actually something new for me since it is the first maxi skirt I own. I have always liked them, but never found one I loved or fit well since I am not the tallest person. Luckily this skirt comes in an XS so length wise it fits perfect! I love the blush pink color and that it is also sheer with a mini skirt under.

The last things were these layering bras I thought would come in handy for the warmer months. I'm not "full" on top so I thought I could get away with wearing these without another bra since I don't need the extra support. I think these would come in handy for exercising, layering under tops, or even for sleeping during the hot summer nights when its too hot to wear a top/too uncomfortable to sleep in a bra....I know I'm not alone here! I got the black, neon pink (enhances a tan...LOVE!) and also mint. They are one size fits all, they come in a ton of colors and they are only $4.80!

The last thing was this Embellished Army Jacket from Nordstorm. I was in there looking at a purse then walked into the clothing section. and I found this in the sales rounder. I didn't think I wanted to get into the whole camo trend, but I tried it on and fell in love! The embellished detail makes it a little more feminine which I love. It was originally $54.00 and then it was markdown to $34.90 It was less expensive than the ones at Forever 21 and it feels like it's better quality. 

I am really happy with all the items and can't wait to wear them!


  1. amazing haul! i love that jacket it is something I would definitely buy!

  2. That Haute Nights Tshirt is awesome I love it!
    And that's totally me, going into a shop looking for a purse and coming out with a jacket :P

  3. hooray for forever 21!


  4. your blog is so cool

    xxx Zari

  5. wonderful purchases, love it!!

    you wanna follow each other? :D let me know! :))

  6. Love the maxi skirt!!!

  7. I might have missed it, but where is the maxi skirt from? It's really gorgeous.

    I really like your blog, following you on GFC now. Would me so much if you checked out my blog too =) maybe even follow if you like it :D

    Looking forward to your next post xx

  8. Love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx

  9. Sleeping in a bra is hopeless, I just can't do it. Love the skirt <3

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  10. lovely outfit !
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